Where to Travel This Fall

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With Autumn just around the corner, the optimal time to travel is now. The season of cool temperatures and warm colors creates some of the most breathtaking scenery around the world, sans the large crowds and costly hotel rates. Here are just a few destinations you should consider to take advantage of the year’s most travel-friendly months.




Arguably one of the most popular cities in the world, Paris is a hotspot for tourists seeking a true European experience. This can lead to fairly heavy crowds and long lines throughout the city in the summer months, which is primarily what makes Paris such an ideal fall haven. With fewer people bustling around as the leaves begin to fall, you are able to experience the city as a local. Journey through the Palais-Royal Gardens that are now riddled with bronze and shades of orange, or stop by Angelina, one of Paris’ most famous cafes, and indulge in a cup of hot chocolate and other seasonal treats.




If stunning autumn scenery is a must, Boston is sure to deliver. Aside from being rich with some of the country’s greatest parks, the New England area tends to capture the spirit of fall better than most. For some, Autumn means the beginning of the pumpkin season, ciders, beautiful foliage, and comfy clothing. For others, this means that Halloween is near. Boston is the perfect city for both. The Salem Witch Museum is a popular, family friendly stop for those looking to introduce a little fright into their trip, but also provides informative historical context. As one of the best beer towns in America, Boston also offers autumnal beers and brewery tours that are sure to impress even the snootiest of beer connoisseurs. Check out the Sam Adams OctoberFest events for even more beer-related fun, running all October long.




This may be an obvious suggestion seeing as this vibrant German city hosts one of the country’s biggest events, but Oktoberfest is not the only thing Munich has to offer in the fall season (though it is a huge plus). Much like Paris, Munich is full of parks and botanical gardens that are overcome with the fiery colors of Autumn. Locals refer to this time of year as “Altweibersommer,” or “Indian Summer,” and it is an excellent time for sightseeing. With a huge variety of farmers’ markets set up in the city’s centre during this season, you are also given endless options in souvenirs, food and drinks, authentic German clothing, and much more.




“The Windy City” doesn’t exactly sound like an ideal destination during the colder months, but Chicago provides some of the best fall weather in the country. Kicking off the season is September’s World Music Festival; an eight-day event featuring musicians from all over the world, but the music doesn’t stop there. Chicago’s Riot Fest and Hyde Park Jazz Festival are also held in September, setting the stage for an eventful fall. A short walk from several parks is Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, where the weather is pristine, as the combination of wind and sun maintains a chilly yet comfortable setting. Another great way to take advantage of the city’s cool climate is to watch the Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field. Even if baseball is not particularly an interest of yours, the historic stadium is located in the intriguing community of Wrigleyville, which has more than enough bars and restaurants to keep you entertained.


If a fall vacation is something you are planning, the cities listed above could provide you with some of the most memorable trips possible. With less tourism and lower hotel rates this time of year, traveling in Autumn may be one of the smarter excursions you will ever invest in.