About Bjorn Koch

Bjorn Koch

Bjorn Koch spent the early years of his life in Germany, moving throughout the country up until his college years. Bjorn was born in a small town outside of Cologne, Germany where he lived until his family relocated to a small town outside Munich two years later. Bjorn attended school in Germany before making the lead to the United States to begin his business career.

Bjorn Koch frequently travels for both work and personal pleasure. His experiences traveling around the world have given Bjorn time to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him throughout his life. This appreciation has given to Bjorn a better understanding not just of how other cultures operate and differ from his own, but how the world works. Koch has been able to bring this wider, global understanding to business and apply it directly to his own living, living a diverse life.

Most of his time is spent in some of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, New York City, and Boston. As someone who is often found taking business trips, New York City has become a second home of sorts to Bjorn. He is able to appreciate and soak in the atmosphere and nuances of the city that some–even locals–may not be able to fully appreciate. Bjorn Koch makes sure to take full advantage of the cultural diversity of these cities, especially their food scenes.

When he has time to leave the country, Bjorn enjoys experiencing the local offerings from different cities all around the world. In addition to going to Europe to visit family, Bjorn Koch has enjoyed visiting other regions of the continent, including Tenerife, Spain, Dublin, Rome, Milan, Florence, London, Provence, and the French Riviera. His travel experience spread even further around the world, having the opportunity to see the Rio de Janeiro, Punta de L’este, Guadeloupe, St. Barth, Manila, Philippines, and Tokyo.

Coming from a culturally diverse family, that includes ancestors from both Germany and Sweden, Bjorn Koch learned to communicate in many different languages at an early age. Bjorn Koch can speak four different languages, including German, Swedish, English, and Spanish. These skills have allowed Bjorn to further immerse himself into the culture of the countries he loves so much to visit.

In addition to enjoying the local flavorings on his travels, Bjorn Koch also likes to spend his time skiing. Growing up, skiing was a major part of his life, and it still remains a big part to this day. Bjorn Koch’s favorite ski trips have been his trips to Zermatt, St. Moritz, Lech, Ischgl, Aspen, and Utah. He also enjoys soccer, particularly Bayern Munich; he played multiple sports growing up and took a fondness for the camaraderie and teamwork, as well as the strategy and subtleties of the sport.