Madrid Travel Guide

Bjorn Koch Madrid

In the heart of Spain lies one of the country’s most renowned cities for its beautifully architectured buildings, exquisite dining, and welcoming people; Madrid. A trip to this capital city could be one of the most visually stunning vacations you will ever experience.


Madrid is commonly referred to as one of Europe’s most artistic cities. With a wide range of museums like that of the Prado Museum, it’s not difficult to see why. Within this art gallery lies tens of thousands of European paintings, sculptures, and drawings, all ranging from the 12th century to the early 19th century.


Another landmark one must see when visiting Madrid is Buen Retiro Park. This 350-acre park houses Madrid’s finest gardens and monuments, along with a shimmering pond that allows kayaking and boating. Throughout the park, you will come across many street performers such as musicians, fortune tellers, dancers, and much more. The bustling social life can resemble that of an entire city within the confines of towering trees and stunning flowers.


Running through alleyways and cobblestone streets lies some of Madrid’s greatest restaurants. If you’re not immediately drawn by these dining places’ personal advertisers, the smell alone is enough to stop you in your tracks. With authentic foods like tapas, paella, tortilla espaniola, and jamon, this city’s menu could greatly expand your palate.


Once the sun sets, the city becomes more alive than ever. After a large midday meal followed by an afternoon nap, or siesta, Madrid’s rejuvenated nightlife becomes one of the most active in the country. Aside from the hundreds of bars and nightclubs, you can find a wide range of entertainment; one of the most popular being flamenco. This beautiful artform entails graceful yet fierce dancers in long, flowing dresses, accompanied by jaw-droppingly skilled guitarists. The talent and dedication to their craft that these performers possess is truly a sight to see.


So, if a trip to Europe is next on your list, Madrid just may be the city for you.