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Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular cities in Brazil. Over the past couple of years, the city’s global status has grown since it hosted both the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. If you’re looking for a travel destination with beautiful beaches, glorious sunsets, and an unbeatable nightlife, Rio is for you. Keep reading… Read more →

Bjorn Koch’s Favorite Destinations

As you may or may not have surmised by this point, Bjorn Koch is someone who fully embraces travel at any given opportunity. Currently working in Boston, Massachusetts, Bjorn can often be found exploring the farthest reaches of the globe when he isn’t in his office.   Travel is so ingrained in Bjorn’s blood that he’s started this travel blog… Read more →

Touring the Northeastern USA

According to the US Census Bureau, the United States of America is divided into four geographical regions; they are the West, the Midwest, the Northeast, and the South. While new regions and areas like the mid-Atlantic and Pacific northwest have been adopted, for the sake of simplicity only Census Bureau data will be used for this series. This is the… Read more →

Touring the Southern USA

    According to the US Census Bureau,  the United States is officially divided into four regions: the west, the midwest, the northeast and the south. Other designations are made with new regions (mid-atlantic, Pacific, etc) depending on what source you’re using, but for simplicity, we’re going to use the Census Bureau data on BjornKoch.net. This is the start of… Read more →

Surviving a Long Flight

New York to Mumbai is about a 16 hour flight without any stops or layovers. Atlanta to Johannesburg is about 16.5 hours in the same fashion. Dallas to Sydney is about 17 in total, one of the world’s longest nonstop flights possible. That’s 17 straight hours sitting in one seat, moving mostly to stretch your legs or use the equally… Read more →

All I Want for Christmas is a Cheap Flight

As of the date of this writing, there are exactly 24 day days until Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and 55 days until Christmas. That means–among other things–that the holiday season is very quickly approaching. And while early Christmas lights going up on your neighbors’ lawns might not be much of a concern for you, if you plan on… Read more →

Travel Guide to Germany

Where better a place that I recommend that you should travel at some point in your life than my home country of Germany? This post has been a long time coming–it’s a virtual certainty that I’ll write about the place in which I was born, grew up and will always have a soft spot in my heart.   Germany is… Read more →

Traveling as an Escape

  Sitting in your office, you look up at the clock that looms on the wall above your head. It’s 2:28 p.m.; exactly two hours and 32 minutes until 5 p.m. You peel your eyes from the clock and focus in on your computer and the almost innumerable tabs open in your browser as you try against all odds to… Read more →