Travel Guide to Germany

Where better a place that I recommend that you should travel at some point in your life than my home country of Germany? This post has been a long time coming–it’s a virtual certainty that I’ll write about the place in which I was born, grew up and will always have a soft spot in my heart.


Germany is rich in culture, experience, food and tourism. There are countless numbers of sights to see, places to eat and experiences you wouldn’t want to miss. In the interest of keeping this to one page, I’ll pick a few of my favorite things to do in Germany.


The Black Forest

Most of the attractions featured in this blog could probably warrant an entire blog post to themselves. Each boasts a wide array of things to do and sights to see within its boundaries, some of which I’ll touch on here.

The Black Forest is very much what it sounds like: a densely forested mountain range in southwest Germany, the main industry of which is tourism. But, just because touristy areas exist doesn’t mean they should be avoided. If you’re a nature lover this is a wonderful spot for you. It features great hiking spots and two large lakes (with jumping off points for a nice summer dip). If you’re more of an extreme-sports enthusiast, hang gliding and paragliding are also found within the areas in and immediately around the Black Forest.  In the winter, skiing and other winter sports are huge draws.


Kolner Dom (The Cologne Cathedral)

If arts and architecture are your thing, look no further than the Cologne Cathedral. The enormous Roman Catholic cathedral features some of the most beautifully crafted architectural design aspects that you will find anywhere, let alone in Germany.

The Shrine of the Three Kings is a sight for which words can do little justice. A reliquary said to contain within it the bones of the Three Wise Men, the Shrine of the Three Kings is an ornate attraction that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.



Berlin is the largest city in Germany, also serving as its capital. That being said, there is more than enough to do within the boundaries of the capital to fill an entire vacation alone. The streets of Berlin are adorned with some of the most well-done street art that you’ll find anywhere, turning a walk down the block into a stroll through one of Berlin’s most history art galleries. The significance of the Berlin Wall should speak for itself. Though only small segments still exist, two watchtowers still stand. Berlin is also rife with Beer Gardens which make it worth exploration in themselves. The Reichstag, the meeting place of German Parliament is also located within Berlin, and is worth a visit.


Lindau Lighthouse

A singular attraction that can give you some fantastic photographic opportunities. Lindau Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse in Germany and offers both a picturesque view of the lighthouse’s edifice, on which a clock is adorned, as well as a great view from the top.