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Touring the MidWest USA

The good people at the US Census Bureau have worked to divide the continental United States into four distinct regions, each with its own states, its own territory, its own culture, and its own people. These regions all have distinctions that separate them from one another in addition to the obvious boundaries.   This is the fourth installment of Bjorn… Read more →

Touring the Western USA

If you choose to divide the United States into regions in the same way that the US Census Bureau chooses to (and I do), the United States of America is then divided into four geographical regions– the West, the Midwest, the Northeast, and the South.  This is the third installment of a new mini-series I’m working on of travel guides… Read more →

Traveling to Alaska

Many people do not know much about Alaska, believing it to be merely one of the newest states that’s completely separate from the rest of the country. The common view of it is that it’s covered in ice and barren. This idea could not be further than the truth. Alaska is a gorgeous place that has many beautiful and amazing… Read more →

Travel Guide to Germany

Where better a place that I recommend that you should travel at some point in your life than my home country of Germany? This post has been a long time coming–it’s a virtual certainty that I’ll write about the place in which I was born, grew up and will always have a soft spot in my heart.   Germany is… Read more →