Travel Apps You Need To Download

The Most Expensive (3)

We are in the midst of modern travel, which means that people rarely go anywhere without their smartphones. Since you will likely have your phone with you on your next travel adventure, you might as well use it to your advantage. There are a number of great apps available that can help you make the most of your travel experience. From cheaper flights to ___, your smartphone can now do it all. So what apps are worth the space on your phone? Here 5 apps that I recommend you download right now.


Hopper is a flight-booking app that tells you exactly when to buy your flight, so that you get it for the lowest price possible. You can easily set up simple, ad-free, price alerts that let you know when a price has dropped. You will then have the option to book right in the app. “Since Hopper launched, our data-science team has collected a huge historical archive of trillions of flight prices. We analyze that data to share with our users through insightful predictions that consistently perform with 95% accuracy,” Hopper explains.

Google Translate

Do not let language hold you back from experiencing a new culture. With Google translate, you will have the ability to easily communicate in over 100 languages. If you are stick in a jam and unable to communicate with the locals, just take out your phone and let Google Translate properly get your message across.


Simply put, airport layovers are awful. That is unless you know how to make the most of your stay. Flio is an app that will help you live like a king next time you have to wait for a flight. The app will automatically connect you to the free Wi-Fi, keep you up to date with departure and arrival times, and even offer you discounts on food, shopping, and airport lounges. That’s right, this app will help you gain access to over 65 global airport lounges with same-day rates.


When traveling to a new city, there is no question that you want to be where all the action is. With Goby, you will be able to pinpoint the neighborhood hot spots, including museums, hotels, eateries, and more all within your vicinity. But the greatest part about the app is that it will help find all the concerts, plays, and other live action all around you.


When traveling abroad, it is unlikely that you will have access to your internet data plan. This can make it difficult to navigate the city or stay connected with others. However, with Wiffinity you will be able to find and connect to Wi-Fi locations all around the world. The app will help you gain access to over 300,000 Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. Simply search through a GPS feature to find a hotspot near you and then connect for free via encrypted passwords.