Travel Advice: 3 Common Myths

There is plenty of travel advice available online, and even more if you talk to your friends and family. Many of these tips can help guide you in the right direction, however, the unfortunate truth is that you have probably received a lot of bad advice as well. Below you will find a list of common tips that seem like they hold merit, but are accept as fact all too often. Let’s dispel some of these common myths so that your next trip will be as amazing as possible.

Myth: Skip Cliche Tourist Spots

Truth: It is always worth taking some time out of your trip to check out the popular tourist spots, after all, they are popular for a reason. They are truly unique and amazing experiences that should not be missed. However, you certainly do not want to spend your whole trip jumping around to different tourist spots, but there is no question that it can be a good way to spend the day. It can help you become acquainted with your surroundings before you start exploring the city on your own.

Myth: Never Travel On Your Own

Truth: While traveling on your own can be challenging, it does not mean that it can’t be done. In fact, solo travel is an incredibly invigorating experience. When you travel on your own, you have the ability to keep a flexible schedule and be completely spontaneous. Solo travel is on the rise, and companies are working to catch up with this high demand.

Myth: Business or First Class Seats Are Expensive

Truth: Business and first class seats are actually not always outrageously priced. However, splurging for better seats will depend on your budget, it is important to know that there are bargains beyond economy. Business and first class seats, especially on international flights, tend to be more deeply discounted than coach seats. Although the price point will still be higher, the value for the better service and experience is definitely worth it. The vacation begins as soon as you get on the plane, so there is nothing wrong with treating yourself.