The Best Airlines For Value Travel


When it comes to traveling, nothing can beat the convenience of a flight. However, not all airlines were created equal. Each airline differs slightly (or drastically) in terms of average fares, wait time, change fees, and customer-satisfaction. If you are looking to find the best value for your next trip then you should consider one of the three airlines below.

Southwest | Domestic

When you book a flight with Southwest, you can be sure that you are getting one of the lowest prices available. According to Hopper, the average ticket is just $256, but it includes so much. You can check two bags for free and you can even change your reservation last minute with no problems. The only downside is that you will not be able to choose your seat ahead of time. However, most fliers are happy to trade that small reassurance for a fee-free flight. Customers rank Southwest number one in value for costs and fees, according to J.D. Power. The airlines footprint has become competitive with some of the major legacy carriers as well, so you can fly almost anywhere.

Alaska Airlines | Domestic

Don’t worry, Alaska Airlines flies more places than just Alaska. This regional airline has begun to compete with big carriers on popular cross-country routes, such as L.A. to New York City. They also offer great flights in and out of the Pacific Northwest. According to Hopper, the average flight is just $199. This is a great value when you consider the exceptional service. On board, you will even find a regional beer selection. Most importantly, Alaska Airlines has one of the highest on-time arrival rates in the industry.

Singapore Airlines | International

When you are embarking on an 18-hour flight to Asia, there is no question that you will want to be comfortable. Singapore Airlines does just that and more. Customers give Singapore some of the highest ratings for amenities like food, drink, entertainment, and seat comfort. At only $703 per average fare, Singapore is still on the cheaper side when it comes to international airlines.