Six Pieces of Travel Tech You Shouldn’t Miss

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Technology, as it continues to expand, has begun push its influence into nearly every facet of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we diagnose illness.


Travelers aren’t being left behind, either. With the continuously advancing technological world and an expansive list of developers, designers and geniuses in the world who are focused on redefining how we live and breath, even travel is changing drastically over the past few years.


Here are six technological advances that you’ll want to grab before your next vacation.




The Tylt Energi Backpack

The perfect way to combine both a means of getting your things to your destination and keeping them charged while you do it. The Energi backpack by Tylt is an on-the-go charging station and backpack in one. The battery is sufficient to keep your electronic charged while hiking, on a plane and anywhere else.



When traveling, regardless of where you’re from or where you’re headed, security is always a concern. Not only is it worth while to keep aware of your surroundings for the safety of yourself, but even the best of us allow our luggage to be handled by others during the traveling process. Lugloc is a simple device that, when paired with a smartphone, can help you trace and track down lost luggage with just a few simple taps.




Mogics Power Bagel

The Power Bagel/Donut combines the convenience of a powerstrip with porability and usability that so many powerstrips lack. A small circle (like a bagel or donut, of course), the power bagel can fit in your pocket for transportation and features a unique design that prevents one electronic’s bulky plug from blocking the adjacent outlet.


The Travel Halo

Sleeping on a plane can be, in a word, awful. The Travel Halo might be the first affordable, convenient, multi-purpose solution to that problem. A simple headband with an attached pillow makes catching some Zs on a plane a piece of cake; the flip-down mask can also help block incoming light that would normally keep you up.


And a couple that are on the way…



Convenient for casual travelers as well as everyday use, the Loctote is the first real, secure drawstring tote bag for anyone and everyone to use. The tote is water proof, RFID blocking (so no one can scan and steal credit card info), and resists all attempts to break into the bag via cutting or tearing. The Loctote features some of the highest security measures that you’ll find for travel bags anywhere.



Vago is an up-and-coming vaccuum sealer that is unlike any vacuum sealer you’ve used before. While typical vacuum seal bags require a bulky suction piece or actual, physical, full-sized vacuum (which most people will neglect to bring with them on vacation), the Vago is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Simply plug the Vago into the wall and hook it up to the travel bag and in minutes the bag will be considerably smaller and easier to transport. Smart sensors within the machine actually detect when the bag has been properly vacuumed and shut it off automatically.