Better Business Travel

Better Business Travel Bjorn Koch


Unfortunately for me and many, many of you, travel isn’t always fun and games. Yes, exploring the world, experiencing the culture and the food (or both at the same time) of a new country can be an enlightening and awe-inspiring experience. So while not all travel is for pleasure, it is possible to take a business plan ride and turn it into an enjoyable experience–or at the very least a less painful one.


Utilize Frequent Flier Miles

This should be obvious to not only business travelers, but to everyone and anyone who travels a good amount. Frequent flier miles can add up very quickly over time and you can be the one who reaps the benefits. Virtually every airline offers frequent flier rewards programs, so whichever airline you find yourself using the most, consider signing up. Once you’ve done that, choosing flights becomes a bit more simple, as you’ll know where to look in terms of airline usage.

Just because you’ve signed up for one airline’s frequent flier program, however, doesn’t mean you should neglect a cheaper flight with a different airline. Take a moment and weigh the pros and cons of each flight before making your decision.


Remember Why You’re There

Don’t lose sight that if, you’re there to do business, business should be a priority. Equipping yourself with the technology and paperwork that you need to do your job is incredibly important to any business trip. You should bring a quality pair of noise canceling headphones along for the ride. If you find yourself needing some quiet time on the flight or in the hotel lobby to crank out some work or send some emails, headphones can be immensely helpful. Aside from headphones, be sure to bring your laptop in your carry-on bag so that you can do some work on your flight as well. It’s obviously easy for anyone who enjoys travel to find themselves caught up in the new and exciting cultures they find themselves in, but remember, there’s a time for business and a time for pleasure. While they can be mixed (and frankly, they often will be on business trips), don’t forget the main reason you’re there is to do business.


Check Your Mobile Rates

Before you get too far into your work and business-centric happenings when traveling abroad for business, make sure you check with your mobile carrier regarding its long-distance and out-of-country rates. Running up an enormous cell phone bill could kill an otherwise enjoyable business trip abroad.


Ask About an Upgrade

This could be one of the most valuable pieces of info contained in this blog. When you’ve arrived at your hotel to check in and you find yourself less than thrilled with your room, just ask about an upgrade. It could be as simple as that–simply asking about available upgrades on a particularly slow day could net you a huge increase in luxury at a net cost of exactly zero dollars and zero cents. In essence, it can’t hurt to ask!