Traveling to Alaska

Many people do not know much about Alaska, believing it to be merely one of the newest states that’s completely separate from the rest of the country. The common view of it is that it’s covered in ice and barren. This idea could not be further than the truth. Alaska is a gorgeous place that has many beautiful and amazing things to see and do.


Denali National Park

Denali is an incredible location in Alaska. It’s one of the largest national parks in the country and home to the nation’s highest mountain, Mt. McKinley (or Denali, to the locals). The park has over six million acres of rivers, fjords, wildlife, mountains, valleys and tundra. Admission is $10 and you can tour some of the park along a central road running through it, if the weather permits it.


The Wildlife

All throughout Alaska, you’ll see incredible wildlife you may never have a chance to view in nature anywhere else. Grizzly and Kodiak bears, orca, moose and caribou, wolves, bald eagles, and hundreds of other birds are just a few of the amazing creatures you’ll have a chance to get a glimpse of on your trip to Alaska.


The Northern Lights

Sometimes this glorious act of nature can be seen in the continental United States, but not like it can be viewed in Alaska. Because so much of Alaska is still covered in wilderness, it’s easy to get away from civilization and find yourself a dark corner where you can watch the brilliant light show. Keep in mind that the Lights are best visible from September to April (when it’s particularly cold).


Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve

Located near the city of Juneau, this national park is home to over 50 named glaciers and provides stunning views to any visitor. In some areas, you can even walk inside the glaciers, because they form cave-like structures. Some brave souls even try to swim in the glacier pools, just make sure you can warm up afterwards!



This vibrant city sits on the coast of Alaska and is overshadowed by the enormous mountains rising above it. It’s Alaska’s largest city and has amazing cultural sites, such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center and various art performances. Moose frequently wander into the city and live peacefully with the couple hundred thousand human residents.


Alaska Highway

This road runs from British Columbia, all the way to Fairbanks, located in the middle of the state. The highway was built for the military during WWII, but is now the best way to access Yukon Territory and the center of Alaska. There’s various places to stop every 50 miles or so and the views of mountains and plains are incredible.