Bjorn Koch’s Favorite Destinations

As you may or may not have surmised by this point, Bjorn Koch is someone who fully embraces travel at any given opportunity. Currently working in Boston, Massachusetts, Bjorn can often be found exploring the farthest reaches of the globe when he isn’t in his office.


Travel is so ingrained in Bjorn’s blood that he’s started this travel blog that he updates regularly with some of his own musings on travel, rebuttals to online articles and travel guides. On this site, Bjorn has written about travel to various areas, from Alaska and the southern USA to Madrid and the Czech Republic. What he hasn’t done is detail his top five places to travel.


Without further ado: Bjorn Koch’s favorite places to visit.


New York City

Despite working and living in Boston, New York city remains one of Bjorn Koch’s favorite places to visit. The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry in Major League Baseball doesn’t stop him from sharing love between the two cities. The fast-paced hustle and bustle of NYC combined with the rich history and some incredible food offerings throughout the region make New York city an impossible to hate vacation spot.



Having been born in Germany, it only makes sense that the country of his ancestors would be one of Bjorn’s favorite places to visit. Germany is home to not only some of Koch’s favorite foods and dishes, but is an epicenter for the culture and history that he grew up surrounded by.



London gets a bad reputation sometimes as being a city that never sees the light of the sun, constantly stuck in a state of dreariness and gloom. But if you’ve ever been to London, or generally been outside on a less-than-sunny day, you know that you don’t necessarily need bright sun shiny days to have a nice time. Visit the London Eye or Buckingham Palace and stop by one of the countless pubs in the area to get a feel for the London culture.  



Something you may not be aware of about Bjorn Koch is his love of skiing. An adrenaline junkie at heart, Sweden presents an interesting take on the slopes; described by the Telegraph as “effortlessly chic,” Sweden is a great place to go skiing in a more relaxed atmosphere, and features some beautiful sights and wonderful people to boot.



Does this one count? Despite living there, good old Beantown remains one of Bjorn Koch’s favorite places to be to this day. It had to be included on this list simply due to the breadth of activities to do, things to see, places to tour and, perhaps above most else, the culture that surrounds the city. While Philly may be called the City of Brotherly Love, and the South might be able to tout its “southern hospitality,” the people in and around Boston feature a very real, and very unique love for their fellow man.