Visiting the Czech Republic

Bjorn Koch Travel Czech Republic

If you’ve never been to the Czech Republic, it’s an absolute must on the places you should visit at least once in your life. The country has a rich history, with beautiful architecture and delicious food. Traveling here is relatively cheap and you can buy a huge pint of beer and some great food for just a few dollars, or korunas. Definitely stop in Prague and see some of the amazing sights there, but then take time to tour the rest of the country and some of the hidden treasures it has!




This is one of Europe’s oldest libraries and is located in the center of Prague. It’s located in a large complex of buildings that have served various purposes over the years and can now be toured for a few dollars. You’ll be taken up in the tower that houses the library, then to the very top where astronomists used to view the stars and you can have a great view over the entire city from the walkway that encircles the tower.


Prague Castle


Prague Castle sits on a hill overlooking the city, sprawling out beneath it. You can visit the Prague Castle complex where you’ll have a chance to wander all through the castle, which houses the crown jewels. You might also get a chance to see the changing of the guard, while also visiting the gorgeous St. Vitus Cathedral.




If you enjoy drinking beer, then this is definitely the town for you! Pilsner beer originated in this Bohemian city and is where it got its name. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral offers you a chance to view beautiful architecture when you’re not touring breweries!


Kutna Hora


This town was established in 1142 as the first Bohemian monastery. There is stunning Gothic architecture spread throughout the city, including St. Barbaras Church. There’s also a bone Ossuary, which is common throughout the Czech Republic, along with various other examples of beautiful architecture. Kutna Hora has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Cesky Krumlov


Cesky Krumlov is a small town in the Czech Republic with a beautiful Bohemian castle. The town sits on the edge of the Vltava River and hasn’t changed much since the 18th century. The town has the look and feel of a Medieval village, especially with its cobblestone streets and quaint shops.


Hluboká Castle


Many people consider this stunning white castle to be the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. Based loosely on Windsor Castle, this castle is designed in the Gothic Tudor style and located on the site of an old fortress. The castle has a maze, beautiful gardens, and stunning stained glass windows, along with its own collection of art.